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Welcome to Story-Go-Round

I'm Lorraine Orman, and I write books for children and teenagers. This website will tell you a little about me and a lot about my books.
So far I've written:
•   four books for primary-aged readers
•   three for intermediate (or middle school)-aged readers
•   three for secondary-aged readers
•   lots of short stories (I have also co-edited an anthology of short stories for children).

Touchstone, my third YA novel, is now available! For more information about the book and where to buy it visit my Touchstone book page. You'll find the free secondary-level Teachers' Resource Kit here. Click to read the first chapter, and here to follow my Touchstone Facebook page.

I have a bach at Omaha Beach, which is an hour's drive north of Auckland, New Zealand. Just imagine four kilometres of silky white sand and crystal-clear water. Sometimes when I go down to the beach I'm the only person on the whole four kilometres of sand. I love walking beside the sea and watching the seagulls and dotterels and oystercatchers - and thinking about my stories.

Please come in and explore Story-Go-Round - and find out how much the sea and the shore have influenced my work.

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