Top 4 Authors In New Zealand

The list of excellent writers in New Zealand keeps growing daily. With such an impressive entry into this field of writing, it is difficult to monitor writers whose work you should check out. The following is a breakdown of top four writers in New Zealand, you should check out.

Lloyd Jones

The writer of Mister Pip, Lloyd Jones stands out as one of the most impressive writers in New Zealand. This writer has a unique writing style that makes him appealing to both old and young readers. Specializing in narratives, he uses his words the best way to give you an authentic reading experience that makes you feel a part of the story you are reading. Lloyd’s Mister Pip won the Montana Medal for Fiction and Poetry in 2007 in New Zealand.

Elizabeth Knox

Elizabeth is rightfully the queen of fiction in New Zealand. She won the inaugural Tasmania Pacific Region Prize in 1999 with her book, The Vintner’s Luck. Since her burst into the limelight with that award, Knox continues to win herself, loyal readers, each day. Her style of writing makes anyone fall in love with fictional stories.

CK Stead

This is a household name in the New Zealand literary space. Stead particularly dazzled many with his book My Name was Judas. In this book, Stead reimagines the world’s most famous story of Judas and Jesus. Judas Iscariot, in this case, is Jesus’ friend from childhood and has a better understanding of the Messiah than all other disciples have. Stead wins over the hearts of many readers in New Zealand and the world through his imaginative power.

Nicky Hager

Nicky ranks as among the best non-fiction writers in New Zealand. His book, The Hollow Men: A Study in the Politics of Deception details the New Zealand political landscape. Nicky’s fearless approach to studying and writing about politics in the country earns him mention among the best writers in New Zealand.